How Can CareResource Hawaii Help You?

How Can CareResource Hawaii Help You?

“The physical therapy team…was really outstanding. The members were very efficient and truly professional.” –Client

The Medicare Certified Division of CareResource Hawaii provides home health services such as nursing, physical therapy, occupational therapy, speech therapy, medical social worker services and personal care services in the comfort of home. Services are initiated through physician orders. Patients need to meet certain eligibility criteria.

Medicare certified services are provided only at the Oahu branch. All branches all licensed as home health agencies. Neighbor island branches provide nursing but not rehab services.

Home care services are also provided through our Private Duty Division. These private pay services are directed by the client and/or family member and generally do not require physician orders. These services include:

Personal care
Respite care
Medication reminders
Escorted transportation
Inter-Island, domestic, and international travel companions

Specimen Collection

We understand that it may be difficult to go to the laboratory. We will provide you the convenience of having testing samples collected at your home and delivered to the laboratory. CareResource Hawaii will work together with your doctor to complete the required collection needed for laboratory testing. We will acquire the laboratory requisition and necessary supplies to provide the convenience of having the collection done in your home.

Post-operative Services

CareResource Hawaii will work together with your surgical team and based on their recommendations develop a plan of care that promotes your safety and best outcome for recovery. We offer personal care and nursing services depending on your needs as well as your surgeon’s recommendations.

We will review your post-operative orders and provide you with the teaching and reinforcement necessary to ensure a successful post-operative experience.

We offer our clients flexible scheduling; we understand that it may be difficult to gauge how much care you will need following surgery. Some clients may require more hours while some may need fewer than anticipated. We customize a plan of care that fits your needs. In addition to carrying out your post-operative plan our caregiver can assist you with meal preparation, errands, laundry, light housekeeping and more!

Depending on facility policy, our staff will greet you in the recovery room following surgery or immediately upon discharge in the facility receiving area. If you need transportation to and from the facility we can assist with those arrangements too!

We also offer a pharmacy pick-up service if your doctor makes changes to your prescription.

Overnight Service

Overnight service is available to clients who need minimal assistance during the night hours (10 pm to 6 am). These services are billed at a lower rate. In return, the caregiver (Home Care Specialist) is permitted to rest during the night. The caregiver will be available throughout the night and to tend to client requests.

Overnight service is available to clients who require four or less brief caregiver interruptions throughout the night. Hourly services are available for clients requiring closer supervision or more frequent care encounters. An initial assessment and periodic reevaluations, including home and environmental safety assessments, will be completed by a nursing supervisor prior to initiation of service to ensure client can safely be managed with minimal assistance.

Clients must be able to call for help when needed. A satisfactory and comfortable place of rest must be provided to the caregiver.

Overnight services are available 7 days a week, between the hours of 10 pm and 6 am. Additional fees will be billed for services provided on select holidays.

Overnight services include:

  • Initial client assessment by nursing supervisor including home and environmental safety
  • Regular visits and phone calls by nursing supervisor to assess client needs, oversee progress and supervise caregivers.
  • Nurses on-call 24 hours a day for urgent telephone consultation
  • Services are provided by trained home health aides

All staff are screened and selected based on skills and client compatibility.
Criminal background checks are conducted at time of hire and periodically throughout employment
All staff are covered by professional liability insurance.

Telehealth Program

The telehealth or telemonitoring program at CareResource Hawaii allows patients, families and staff to evaluate a patients’ medical condition on a daily basis. It empowers clients at home to have control of their disease management. Home telemonitoring has been shown to be an effective way to prevent emergency room visits and hospitalizations.

Telemonitoring is made possible by a small medical device that is installed by our clinicians in the patient‘s home. Patients are able to check their blood pressure, weight, heart rate, and oxygen; transmit glucometer readings; and have customized questions /reminders to obtain subjective information about symptoms. Results are transmitted via phone line to the CareResource Hawaii office for review by a nurse. A home visit may be scheduled if the patient’s condition requires immediate attention. The patient may also be referred to a physician as necessary. Tabular and graphic trends are sent to the physician weekly so that the patient’s progress can be seen. This information can also be provided upon physician request with data that needs to be reviewed for clinic follow-ups.